Giving Thanks

With Thanksgiving coming soon, November is always a good time to take stock in all that we have and to be grateful for the things that bless us and make our lives worth living. Here at SBANCA, we’re grateful for the great spina bifida community we have here in the metro DC area.

We are fortunate to live in an area where there are plenty of medical professionals familiar with the challenges of spina bifida. There are many opportunities here for those with physical disabilities to live full and engaged lives. And in SBANCA, we have a great support group that provides resources and encouragement for those with spina bifida and their families.

Thanks to SBANCA members like you, we are able to offer walkers, wheelchairs, and other equipment to people in need. Thanks to you, we have an active community that participates in social events throughout the year. And perhaps most importantly, thanks to you, others dealing with spina bifida know they are not alone.

The 2019 SBANCA renewal form is now available. If you get a chance, please fill out the form and return it. Your support ensures that we can continue serving those touched by spina bifida in our area. And if you know of anyone who is not a part of the group that would benefit from all that SBANCA has to offer, please forward this email and let them know.

Again, our thanks on being a part of this great group!